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10 000
257 M€
of guaranteed rents
applications submitted per day

Make renting easier

Established in 2018, Unkle aims to make renting easier while providing security for landlords.
Making renting simpler and safer for both the tenant and the landlord.
Unkle, in partnership with leading insurance companies, has developed products to meet these objectives:


With the Unkle tenant guarantee, we become the guarantor of the renters

To help them rent a flat more easily and quickly.
Any eligible tenant can get a guarantor in 3 minutes with Unkle

We have developed our own insurance against unpaid rent for landlords

In response to increasingly frequent requests from our owner-users, we have developed the best unpaid rent guarantee offer for them: no deductible, no waiting period, reimbursements within 30 days, protection against unpaid rent, property damage and integration of legal protection.

Our vision is simple:

We are the first neo-insurer dedicated to real estate
to simplify and improve the customer experience for tenants and landlords.

History Unckle logo

Our history

Unkle is, first of all, a nod to the uncle who can represent an alternative solution to parents to help a renter to rent a flat.

Unkle is above all a nod to Michael, one of Matthew's uncles, one of the co-founders of Unkle. He set up a wealth management firm at the age of 40 and when he rented his flat, he was asked to prove his financial health. Not being able to show his last 3 balance sheets because his business was starting, Michaël/that uncle was asked to find a guarantor.

The problem was that at the age of 40, Michaël, Matthew's uncle, had no desire to appeal to his parents and in any case his parents were retired.

It was finally Fabien, Matthew's father-in-law, who vouched for him.

Unkle is therefore there to tackle all the absurd situations that prevent renters from simply having access to housing. While at the same time offering both renters and landlords all the insurance products they need to cover themselves with confidence.

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